Alice spent more than 6 years as a womenswear designer, but never felt that the brands she worked with were in-line with her core beliefs. Starting Voyager.London has meant that Alice can implement environmental and ethical practice into the label, ensuring that it’s as sustainable as possible. She supports British and female, independent businesses wherever possible.


"The name Voyager.London evokes a desire to travel and explore, especially in our travel-restricted times. It sparks wanderlust and reflects upon what inspires me; culture and historical dress. My hope is that women will explore and cherish the memories of where their clothing takes them." - Alice 
Did you know that 350,000 tonnes of clothing in the UK ends up in landfill each year? 
- and that is clothing alone, there is also copious amounts of pre-existing textiles that never fulfil their potential that end their life here too.
At Voyager.London, only deadstock fabrics are used. Designer & Founder, Alice sees this as an extremely romantic way for these clothes to become beautiful and cherished items amongst your wardrobe. Due to the nature of deadstock being very limited and rarely able to re-source, some pieces are as unique as one-of-a-kind items.
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