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Collection: AW21 Rajasthan

Inspired by a country that stole a piece of my heart.

The Rajasthan collection is a celebration of culture, beauty and artisan crafts.

Having worked as a Design Consultant for an Indian company, I was lucky to be able to experience some of the wonders of this beautiful country and the people when frequently traveling to Delhi and Mumbai. At the end of my contract with the company, my partner and I spent a few weeks exploring Rajasthan and it only made me want to explore even more of this diverse and incredible part of the world.

Rajasthan - its endless palaces, exquisite miniature art, everywhere steeped in history both romantic and haunting, the most amazing food I have ever eaten, colour and scents that change upon every turn. The collection reflects the region by use of luxurious textiles, vibrant jewel tones and little details that honour classic Indian attire.

A true love story.